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Shanghai Qingli mechanical equipment limited company specialized is engaged in automation equipment design, manufacture, installation and technology development projects. The company developed the production of belt conveyor, roller conveyor, conveyor chain, chain conveyor speed, vertical screw conveyor, lifting platform lifts and non-standard special assembly machinery and equipment and other products are widely used in the company's products are widely used in a postal sorting conveyor line, warehousing distribution logistics sorting conveyor line, combination of transmission line, the production of food and beverage line, electric vehicle assembly production lines, home appliances assembly line, production line, the original electronic assembly lines and other various industries.

Company main products series:

1, warehousing logistics conveyor series: drum conveyor line, belt conveyor line, speed chain conveyor line, plate chain conveyor line, turning belt conveyor, hydraulic lifting platform, lifting hoist, three-dimensional vertical screw conveyor.

2, loading and unloading cargo loading and unloading equipment: telescopic unloading conveyor, mobile loading and unloading conveyor, slope type loading and unloading conveyor, Deng axle loading unloading platform, special container conveyer.

3, all kinds of production lines: dry aging oven line, line belt line worktable, food processing, beverage production line production lines, home appliances, electric vehicle assembly line assembly line, plug-in lines, electronic factory automobile coating wire suspension.

4, non-standard special assembly equipment: bearing assembly machine, magnetic core automatic arranging machine, screw nut conveyor, scraper machine waste collector, chip machine, antirust oil spray.

Shanghai Qing Li always carry out" quality is the life, service is the guarantee of survival, reputation is the eternal promise" business philosophy. Company and Shanghai Maritime Univeristy, Hangzhou University of science and technology to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation; international logistics Shanghai branch of FedEx, UPS and China International Aviation Company to provide long-term logistics sorting conveyor machinery and equipment; as Mengniu, new, Wahaha, Wangwang, Wah Group to provide production line assembly line equipment, automated conveyor equipment exported to Southeast Asia and African countries. Shanghai Qingli to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent satisfactory service for the term of office, is willing to join hands with friends, create a better tomorrow!



Contact address: Shanghai Songjiang District Yang North Road No. 86  The company's total:021-59745766 传真:021-59745765

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